Beauty on the Go!


Beauty on the Go

Happy Monday friends!

Today I’m sharing with you my beauty on the go must haves!

Every time I leave my house I tend to forget something, either my earrings, glasses, wallet, phone charger, I’ve even forgotten my keys (we all know that horrible feeling when you close your door and in a split second you realize you left your keys inside lol). But there are certain items that I absolutely double check I have in my purse before I leave. So here are my purse beauty essentials —

Lip Balm – eos is my current favorite lip balm. I love that they are 100% natural, as well as paraben and petrolatum free. It keeps my lips hydrated and sensationally smooth all day long. I like Strawberry Sorbet a lot, its yummy and it smells really good!

Nude Lipgloss – There are some days when I like to wear dark eye makeup during the day, so when I do that I like to keep my lips nude and very glossy. So I like to use the H&M lipgloss in Beige. The texture on this lipgloss is slightly thick, but it stays on for a really long time. You can wear it alone or over a nude lip color, either way it looks and feels great.

Bright Lipgloss – I always have to have a bright lipgloss on hand, even more so than a lipstick. I love a vibrant lip gloss because it brightens up your face, your lips become the focal point, and its easy to apply even without a mirror. My go to lipgloss is the Chanel Glossimer Jalousie 169. However, Chanel does offer an array of beautiful shades for all skin tones that provide high shine and intense color. With one brush stroke you are set!

Black Liquid Eyeliner – My absolute favorite black liquid eyeliner is the Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Eyeliner in Perversion. It does not smear off, melt, or crack throughout the day. It is absolutely the best. The only reason why I carry it with me and have to retouch my eyeliner at times is because my shimmery eyeshadow gets on my eyeliner. The brush is small, flexible, and easy to control for an ultra smooth and thin line. Also a little bit goes a long way.

Brightening Eyeliner – I use the Tarte Inner Rim Eyeliner to highlight the inner corners of my eyes for a wide-awake effect, and to highlight my brow bone as well. I love how it is a soft nude color, somewhat of a beige, therefore it gives a natural bright glow to my eyes.

Compact Powder – When it comes to my face I must have a matte powder finish, so I’ve been using Chanel’s Double Perfection Lumiere for the past 9 years. I suffer from a shiny T-zone and throughout the day I try to remove the oil from my face using oil absorbing strips, but somewhere around 1pm I always retouch my face with powder for a fresh and matte look.

Powder Blush – I love blush, it is my favorite makeup item. I always bring mine with me wherever I go and retouch about 2-3 times a day since I feel like it wears off as the day goes on. Lately I’ve been using MAC’s Desert Rose on a daily basis, I like that it does not contain any shimmer and goes on smooth.

Kabuki Brush – A retractable kabuki brush is ideal for someone who is obsessed with blush like I am. Since it has a cover I don’t worry about ruining the brush inside my purse or it dirtying my purse. So it’s ideal if you’re on the go like me.

Statement Necklaces – Ok so this one is a bit of a funny one. But I am known for having at least 2 to 3, and sometimes even 4 different necklaces in my purse. The thing is, sometimes I leave my house with a certain necklace (lets say gold), and it compliments my outfit perfectly well. But throughout the day I get inspired by other women I see in the street, and I change my mind about the necklace I’m wearing, so when that happens I just reach into my purse and change my necklace from gold to silver and I feel so happy since I am well prepared. LOL 🙂

You can shop my beauty on the go must haves below.


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