Flannel Child

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The 90’s trend can be observed all around us more and more each day. I was too little during the 90’s to even remember what was in style during that time. But when I see old pictures of my sisters during the 90’s I can notice how much the style is influencing clothes today. I love the characteristics of grunge wear: boots, flannel, ripped jeans and underwear being used as outerwear.

Today I’m embracing the 90’s trends and making sure to add some 21st Century flare to it. I had to start with red flannel, this is definitely a staple for a true grunge look. I kept the style going with ripped denim, but instead of wearing a loose pair of jeans I opted for a body hugging, high waisted, form fitting pair. Now moving on to my top; young girls in the 90’s wore their Calvin Klein bralettes as crop tops. But today the options for bralettes are endless, they come in various colors and with really pretty designs. So I definitely wanted to show off my bralette too, but at the same time I was a bit embarrassed to go out into the public with essentially just a bra on. So I opted to wear it in combination with a sheer blouse. The result was much better than what I expected, it was sexy, edgy, revealing, yet alluring. I know combat boots are a must in order to pull off a true flannel child look, but I wanted to give this style a feminine twist and chose to wear it with my absolute favorite shoe–the black patent stiletto. I think the shoes pulled everything together, it made the look seem more modern while it also elongated my legs. I actually fell on this day lol. I was crossing the street with my boyfriend and my heel just went in, I fell on my knees. It hurt sooo bad. Luckily I wasn’t alone, my boyfriend was there to pick me up and lighten the mood. I felt so fun and youthful in this outfit, so I felt an equally playful purse was a must, my “OMG” cross body was the perfect match.


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