More Invisible than ever featuring Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation

How do I achieve flawless looking skin every single day whether it’s morning, day, or night? Easy. I use Make Up For Ever’s NEW Ultra HD foundation.

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I recently teamed up with People Style Watch to try out MUFE’s new invisible cover foundation. I must say, this new formula creates a flawless complexion, yet when applied it doesn’t feel heavy, and it also doesn’t look matte. Instead it is light weight, therefore it provides a natural finish that is ultra comfortable. The large array of shades, 40 to be exact, made it very easy for me to find the perfect match for my medium brown olive skin. For me that was #173 – Amber.

So let’s get started on how I achieved a naturally flawless complexion!

Step 1 – Skin Equalizer

This makeup primer preps the skin before applying any makeup to it, as it helps balance the skin’s texture and tone for smoother, more even, and longer-lasting makeup wear. I have combination skin, therefore some areas of my face are extremely oily, while others are very dry. The mattifying primer was ideal for me. I applied a pea size amount to my T-zone and cheeks.

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Ultra HD Liquid Foundation  #173 = Y445 Amber

Invisible, light weight, natural finish, comfortable, buildable coverage… I mean I can just go on and on about how great this foundation is. But, lets continue with the tutorial.

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Large Foundation Brush#108

I like to apply my foundation with a large flat foundation brush, in order to spread the product throughout my face evenly.  The straight bristles in the brush are ideal for this.

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On average I only use  two pumps of foundation for my everyday wear. On days when I feel I want a bit more coverage I do add an extra pump. As you can see the color is somewhat yellow, this is more noticeable prior to blending it. But, see how the product pretty much disappears into my face once I start blending the foundation outward. I like to start at the center of my face and stretching outwards in thin layers.

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Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation  #153 = Y405 Golden Honey

Now, this foundation stick has easily become one of my favorite makeup items. I like how it can be used for touch ups, contouring, and even brightening up your face. For instance, I usually don’t like to wear concealer underneath my eyes or on my nose since I feel it is too heavy and makes me look like I have too much makeup on.  However, this makeup stick gives me a radiant finish when I apply to the areas I was to highlight; like my under eyes, forehead, nose, and below the hollows of my cheeks.

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As you can see I chose a shade a lot lighter than that of my foundation. Yet, when I blended the product throughout the five areas I was focusing on it gave me a natural looking radiant finish. Which is exactly what I was looking for.

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Afterwards I continued with my regular makeup routine: applied powder to the rest of my face, filled in my eyebrows, added blush to the temples of my cheeks, and so on.

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Artist Plexi Gloss #202 Sweet Pink 

The name says it all, “Sweet Pink,” this lip gloss is sweet as it can be. The stunning shine and sheer color it provides is perfect for days when I don’t have meetings to attend, and I just want a natural makeup look since I’m going to be behind my computer all day. Yet, I want to look cute too. 😉

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HD Microfinish Powder Translucent

Finally, my secret weapon for all my makeup looks is ALWAYS this translucent finishing powder. It works really well alone, when you don’t wear makeup. But, gosh it works even better over foundation. This product works wonders on my combination skin. It softens the appearance of fine lines and pores. This is always my last my makeup step to achieve a flawless look.





Disclaimer – I was kindly gifted these makeup items to review, as always all opinions are my own.