Love Confession…

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Ok so I have a love confession to make… I absolute love printed tights! Like everyone else I started buying simple black tights once they became popular about two years ago. However, now they’re no longer just simple pants. Tights come in different prints, textures, with metallics and sooo much more. Personally I’m going crazy over here with all the options šŸ™‚

I like how versatile they are while maintaining their comfort. I had a day full of meetings and I honestly didn’t feel like dressing up much. So I opted for my new pair of printed tights and I was extremely pleased with how they looked and felt. As the day wasn’t really cold, but it was quite chili in the morning, I wore a fury black vest. I find vests helpful since they provide enough warmth around your chest and back, while still allowing me to move around easily when I’m on the go. The blouse I wore is one of my favorites. I can’t get enough of the oversized bow. I didn’t over accessorize since the bow on my blouse, print on my tights and texture on my vest provided enough dimension to the entire outfit.


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