Living Your Wildlife

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The idea of wild life always brings thoughts of cheetahs, green lush vegetation, giraffes, exotic prints and a bit intimidating as well. However, not until I saw the new Sakroots Seni Collection did I realize wild life could also be fun and bright! The artist Niki Pilkington actually designed the exclusive Neon Wild Life print that can be appreciated on my Seville summer tote. I love it so much, not only is it bright neon and full of amazing colors, but the tote itself is perfect for a day in the sun.

I actually used it today while running a few errands and making my way through my neighborhood farmers market. I bought the prettiest bouquet of pink lilies and basked in the sun for a bit. It was the perfect accessory for a laid back look, the exact pop of color and edge I needed.

How will you be living your wild life?

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